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Standard Telecom Connector Stands Up To 1600 V rms

The Model BCS telecommunications systems connector can be used as an upgrade replacement for the standard 50-pin connector used in business telecommunications systems. It's ruggedized to withstand a minimum of 1600 V rms (2260 V dc or peak) before corona discharge arc-over occurs between any two pins. Also, it's a direct form, fit, and function replacement upgrade for standard board-edge ("Centronic") kinds of business systems connectors.

The connector's contact pitch is 2.160 mm. Its metal system is comprised of a minimum of 10 µin. of gold, plated over a minimum of 25 µin. of palladium/nickel. This is plated over a minimum of 50 µin. of pure nickel, which is plated over the contacts' phosphor-bronze base metal. Contact resistance is specified at 15 mW typical, and the maximum operating current per contact is 2 A. Its minimum operating lifetime is specified at 200 mate/demate cycles.

Depending on volume, the BCS connector is priced between $1.00 and $1.15 each. Delivery is stock to two weeks ARO.

Ranoda Electronics Inc., 1095 E. Duane Ln. #100, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 830-0888; fax (408) 830-0800; www.ranoda.com.

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