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Support For RapidIO, European Chip Initiative Expands, SuperH CPU Core

OSE RTOS now supports serial version of RapidIO
At September's Smart Network Developers Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, Enea Embedded Technology announced that the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS) now supports the serial version of RapidIO. This version functions as an interconnect between boards using the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) and DSPs. The OSE LinkHandler, which extends the abilities of the kernel, gives embedded-system developers a view of a fully distributed operating system. The OSE concept isn't based on a single master. Instead, the built-in service discovery mechanism provides a framework for all nodes to communicate with each other. This means an OSE-based system can survive failures of any individual node. Serial RapidIO connects boards using an AdvancedTCA backplane as well as daughter cards connected via carrier cards. Typical applications include IP routers and switches, 3G-infrastructure equipment like Media gateways and Radio Network Controllers, DSLAMs, and enterprise equipment.

Enea Embedded Technology

Summit joins European chip initiative
Summit Design Inc. has joined the European Electronic Chips and Systems Design Initiative (ECSI) as an Industrial Associate Member. It plans to contribute via its research and development projects and by exchanging knowledge and best electronic system-level practices. ECSI is a European nonprofit association established in 1993 by the large industrial developers of electronic systems and manufacturers of ICs in Europe. Its member companies also include ARM, Nokia, Intracom, Alcatel, Thales, Thomson, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Prosilog, Design, STMicroelectronics, Celoxica, and Evatronix.

Summit Design

ST relinquishes SuperH CPU core licensing business
STMicroelectronics and Renesas Technology Corp. have agreed that Renesas will take over the SuperH CPU core licensing business of SuperH Inc. The companies will develop future SuperH architecture-based CPU cores separately. SuperH was established in July 2001 as a joint venture between Hitachi and ST to develop CPU cores from the SH-5 onward and license the SH-4 and subsequent next-generation CPU cores. The company also established partnerships with third parties such as software, tools, and system-on-a-chip design companies and Taiwanese foundries UMC and TSMC.


Renesas Technology

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