Electronic Design

Surface-Mount PTC Device Protects Multiple USB Ports

The 2.6A 1812 Series surface-mount positive-temperature-coefficient (PTC) resettable circuit-protection device can be used to protect multiple USB ports. According to its manufacturer, it's capable of 0.050-Ω maximum on-board resistance. It also measures 0.179 by 0.127 by 0.050 in. UL has recognized it under its Components Program and under the Component Acceptance Program of CSA. The device is TUV approved as well. Available now, the 2.6A costs $0.25 each in 100,000-unit quantities. Models come packaged in tape and reel carriers.

Littelfuse Inc., 800 E. Northwest Highway, Des Plaines, IL 60016; (847) 824-1188; fax (847) 391-0894; www.littelfuse.com.

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