Switch Keeps An Eye On Itself

Geneva, Switzerland: STMicroelectronics claims its STCC08 is the first solid-state ac-switch driver to integrate switch-supervision. This allows designers to save board space and reduce workload with a straightforward solution for mains-powered devices designed to meet IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 safety standards.

STMicro estimates that around 1.4 billion ac switches, which require designers to implement failure protection to meet international product acceptance criteria, are used in domestic appliances annually.

In mains-powered appliances and electrical controls, using the STCC08 controller will ease the appropriate FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) process. That’s because the device’s own FMEA was integrated into its design and has descriptions of 52 failure cases. The STCC08’s supervisor capability meets IEC60335 by detecting short-circuit or open-circuit failures, as well as diode-mode failure of a solid-state ac switch in both half-ac-line polarities.

See related figure.

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