System-On-Glass LCD Prototype Unveiled

A system-on-glass (SoG) low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD prototype, developed by Toshiba Matsushita Display (TMD) Technology, contains the driving circuit needed to operate the LCD that’s integrated directly onto the glass. The new prototype integrates the analogue circuit for 260K colour production with 6-bit-percolour grey scale (including DAC and amplifier circuitry). Also included are the driving circuit required for addressing the rows and columns of the display, and the power circuit for the driving circuit. Finally, there’s a controlling circuit that regulates the analogue, driving, and power circuits as well as all of the other circuit functions required to operate the LCD. As a result, by eliminating the external LSI circuits, TMD can now build a smaller,more compact, and lighter LTPS TFT LCD that minimises the outer pc-board size and provides for quick and simple assembly. Mobile-phone applications need LCDs to be much thinner and lighter in structure, which has accelerated the trend toward the adoption of thinner glass. The new LTPS TFT LCD display holds an edge over existing chip-on glass(CoG) bonding and assembly processes in terms of expected production quality levels.

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