Thales Ties Up With Wind River On Software Development

Thales has formed an alliance with Wind River that will provide Thales' computer activities with early access to next-generation, market-specific Wind River Platforms and software development licenses for a range of real-time operating systems and development environments.

By porting the company's VxWorks Board-Support Packages (BSPs) to these platforms ahead of time, Thales' computers activities enable customers to market new applications faster. With this range of BSPs, Thales and Wind River are also ensuring forward- and backward-compatibility for legacy application code.

"This partnership formalises a close collaboration that we have had with Wind River. It allows us to develop synergies along with new solutions such as turn-key systems for high-performance embedded computing," commented Thales Computers CEO, Alain Albarello. "We have recently discovered a great deal of synergy between our product lines and want to progress aggressively along that path. Wind River's tools and OS technologies, combined with Thales' low-level management solutions and turn-key hardware platforms, create a revolutionary approach to embedded VME board systems."

"In the defence market where the COTS user often needs to talk to multiple suppliers to solve complex support or technology insertion issues, this type of partnership is the foundation from which more integrated long-term support services between suppliers can be built," added Albarello.

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