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Transmitter And Receiver Handle 64 kbits/s In Noisy Areas

The QFMT6 transmitter and QFMR6 receiver provide 64-kbit/s data speed at 600 ft. They come in fully shielded SIL packages measuring 31.5 by 10.0 by 3.4 mm (transmitter) and 49.0 by 17.5 by 5.0 mm (receiver). The phase-locked loop and crystal oscillator design let the transmitter provide an accurately controlled RF output in the frequency domain, permitting narrow filtering at the receiver. An on-board voltage regulator enhances performance from improved supply filtering while ensuring a constant RF output level.

The receiver's dynamic range is rated at better than 120 dB, while analog and digital outputs simplify integration with external circuitry and microprocessors. A built-in received signal strength indicator provides a dc output voltage proportional to the RF input signal. Applications include areas where there is much interference and noise, including vehicle alarms, domestic and commercial security systems, process monitoring, and computer networking.

Each device can operate from a 3- or 5-V supply. Operating temperature ranges up to 55°C. Quantity pricing starts at $21.

OKW Electronics; (412) 220-9244

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