TSMC Unveils Process Technologies For Integrated LED Drivers

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: TSMC unveiled its modular BCD (bipolar, CMOS DMOS) process technologies targeting high-voltage integrated LED driver devices.

The BCD technologies feature a voltage spectrum running from 12 to 60 V to support multiple LED applications including flat-panel LCD backlighting, LED displays, general lighting, and automotive lighting. The technology portfolio spans process nodes from 0.6 μm to 0.18 μm with a number of digital core modular options for varying digital control circuit gate densities. The CyberShuttle prototyping service supports the 0.25-μm and 0.18-μm processes for preliminary function verification.


The processes’ integration features can reduce a system’s component count. The high-voltage DMOS capability provides MOSFET switch integration to reduce the bill of materials. The integrated component options include high-voltage bipolar transistors, high-voltage, high-precision capacitors, high-resistance poly, and Zener diodes to reduce external passive component count and significantly reduce circuit board area.


On the CMOS side, a 5-V capability supports analog pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller design elements. The 2.5-V and 1.8-V logic cores are optional modules for higher-level digital integration.


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