Tundra announces serial development platform

Tundra Semiconductor has partnered with Silicon Turnkey Express (STx) to supply the reference design platform using Tundra’s new Tsi568ATM serial RapidIO switch. STx will manufacture and distribute the serial RapidIO development platform which can be combined with other design support tools for the Tundra RapidIO System Interconnect product family.

Tundra says the serial RapidIO development platform will provide system architects, boards designers and software developers with a low cost prototyping solution.

The platform is a stand-alone card, powered through a standard ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) supply. It can be used with off-the-shelf processing and I/O boards to create a proof of concept system, an application software development environment, customer demonstration system or an interoperability-testing suite.

The serial RapidIO development platform leverages various industry standard mechanical connectors including, Advanced Mezzanine Connectors (AMC), SubMiniature version A (SMA) connectors, Hardware Interoperability Platform connectors (HIP), and a 4x I/O differential cable connector.

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