Electronic Design

Unit Provides Compact Interface For Rack-Mounted Computers

Using a minimum amount of space, the KMS128 provides complete control of multiple rack-mounted computers. Designed for applications where a full-time monitor and keyboard aren't necessary, it supports up to eight systems through its switcher assembly. This switching eliminates the need for multiple keyboards and monitors for multiple systems. Its full-function keyboard and touchpad are located in the unit's removable section. The 12.1-in. full-color active-matrix TFT display features a 600-by-800 resolution. The keyboard, monitor, and touchpad flip open, much like a typical laptop computer.

The unit's electronic switcher is located in the back stationary section. All cable connections are made at the rear of the system, preventing the cables from sliding in and out while it is in use. The KMS128 also is independent of operating systems and software applications, and it doesn't require the installation of any special software or hardware in the connected systems. The unit comes with ball-bearing slides, so it can be installed in a rack. Overall, it measures 1.71 by 19 by 20 in. Its operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 50°C.

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Diversified Technology, 476 Highland Colony Pkwy., Ridgeland, MS 39157; (800) 443-2667; fax (601) 856-2888; Internet: www.dtims.com.

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