World’s Smallest Photocouplers With 5kV Isolation Voltage

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a miniature surface mount package technology that it claims delivers the world's smallest photocouplers with 5kV isolation voltage.

Suitable for applications that need to combine high-speed switching with isolation levels to international safety standards, a photocoupler-IC in the new SDIP (Shrink Dual Inline Package) will have dimensions of 6.8mm x 4.5mm x 3.6mm.

Toshiba photocouplers based on the new SDIP technology offer the same functionality and isolation ratings as previous devices, yet are approximately 50% smaller than conventional 8-pin DIP parts. As a result, designers will be able to use the new devices to significantly reduce board space in applications ranging from IGBT drive circuitry to data communications equipment.

As with previous products in Toshiba's photocoupler family, devices in the new TLP70x and TLP71x 6-pin SDIP series are targeted at applications that require a combination of high-speed switching and high levels of isolation. Designed to meet key international safety approvals including VDE, UL, SEMKO and TUV standards, the new photocouplers use photo-ICs that are optically coupled to a gallium arsenide IR emitting diode to provide minimum isolation levels of 5000Vrms.

The first SDIP products launched by Toshiba include devices targeted at IGBT, MOSFET and IPM (intelligent power module) direct drive applications, high-speed data transfer systems, and general-purpose photo-IC designs.

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