XJTAG adds JTAG chain debugger to XJTAG development system

XJTAG has added JTAG chain debugger to its XJTAG development system. The JTAG chain debugger has a range of debug options that allow designers to trace signals around the board and locate problems within the JTAG chain ‘immediately’. XJTAG says means that engineers can get boards up and running quickly, diagnose faults and speed up the development process.

The XJTAG Development System has also been improved by various other new features—for example, the connection test now includes built-in testing of pull-up and pull-down resistors, along with more precise fault detection. Within XJAnalyser, BSDL file auto-detection has been upgraded and the library of reusable JTAG scripts has been expanded. It is also quicker to set up non-JTAG devices following due to improvements to the Devscript utility for XJEase.

The XJTAG boundary scan Development System is designed to meet the demand for an affordable solution for testing tightly-packed PCBs populated with ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale devices, which cannot be tested by traditional methods. The XJTAG system can test JTAG as well as non-JTAG devices, including a BGA and chip scale devices, SDRAMs, Ethernet controllers, video interfaces, Flash memories, FPGAs, microprocessors and other devices.

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