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Communications: GPS System-On-A-Chip Shrinks Cost And Complexity Of Auto Navigation

The SiRFstarIIA GPS system-on-a-chip lets designers build affordable automotive navigation and telematics systems. Integrated on the chip are the company's SiRFstarII GPS engine, a 32-bit ARM 720T CPU, and virtually all the peripheral interface circuits required by in-vehicle navigation and telematics systems. Peripherals included on the chip comprise UARTs; a CANbus interface; USB, SPI, and ATAPI/EIDE ports; a four-channel 16-bit analog-to-digital converter; a 16-bit Hi-Fi audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC); a 14-bit precision DAC; and 34 general-purpose I/O pins to support the man-machine Interface and audio functions, as well as all other connection and control of system functions. A suite of system development support tools, including GPS and dead-reckoning applications (SiRFDRive 2.0), is available. Third-party partners provide a full software development kit and real-time operating system. The tools and applications help reduce product development effort and cost while trimming time-to-market. Contact the company for chip pricing.

SiRF Technology Holdings Inc.

TAGS: Automotive
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