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Power Cables Meet An Array Of Needs

A complete line of power cables and cable accessories from Pulizzi Engineering features a variety of plug types and lengths. There are over 30 stock versions, including NEMA 5-15P to IEC C19, NEMA L6-20P to IEC C19, and European Shucko to IEC C19 cord sets. The variety of power cables enables one power distribution unit to be used anywhere in the world.

Standard configurations include 120-, 208-, and 230-V versions available in both 15- and 20-A current ratings. The standard cable length starts at 8 ft, with cables up to 15 ft available. Plug options include both straight blade or twist lock connector types. Country-specific plug types support international installation. There is also the option to special order unique plug types.

In addition to the input power cords, there are also C13 to C14 jumper cables available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-ft lengths. Cable accessories include a strain-relief retaining clamp. Overall, there are more than 50 power cable options ranging in price from $8 to $100. Quantity discounts are available.

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Pulizzi Engineering

Micro Power announced several upgrades to its SecuraPack custom lithium battery pack designed to optimize reliability and product safety. SecuraPack reduces the risk of unwanted electrochemical reactions and electrical failures. Specific upgrades include authentication and redundant protection circuits. The challenge/ response authentication system prevents the use of an invalid battery pack. This is achieved with a small microcontroller embedded in the battery pack that communicates with the processor resident in the host device. In addition, the protection circuitry will disable the battery pack in the event of temperatures or currents that are out of spec.
For more information, visit www.micro-power.com.

The DS2790 from Dallas Semiconductor is a programmable one-cell lithium-ion fuel gauge and protector. An integrated microcontroller; program and data memory; and an accurate measurement system for battery current, voltage, and temperature give designers the freedom to customize single-cell-battery fuel-gauging algorithms. Typical applications include wireless handsets, high-end PDAs, digital video camcorders, and digital still cameras. The device is available in 28-pin thin-shrink smalloutline and thin fine-pitch dual-inline flat no-lead packages with prices starting at $2.50 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Get the details at www.maxim-ic.com/DS2790info.

UltraCell is selling beta units of its XX25 micro fuel cell to qualified customers in a wide variety of market segments, including military, ruggedized PCs, and industrial applications. UltraCell's patented reformed methanol fuel cell (RMFC) system generates fuel-cell-ready hydrogen from a highly concentrated methanol solution. The XX25 is able to run a ruggedized laptop computer for up to three working days on a single fuel-cell cartridge. It can also power portable electronic equipment for emergency responders using simple and inexpensive methanol cartridges. Because its lightweight cartridges are hot-swappable, the system is able to operate indefinitely without any need for electrical recharging.
Learn more about the XX25 at www.ultracellpower.com.

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