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Power Protection Module Breaks New Ground

The PEM45 delivers circuit protection by combining an AC inlet, RFI filter, and circuit breaker. Unlike many fused types, the PEM45 "power entry" module provides manual reset for circuitry and higher current-limiting characteristics-- up to 15A. It also provides circuit status indication, depending on the switch position (I/O). Circuit breaker options include 1- and 2-pole thermal overload protection, or no bi-metal for 2-pole on/off switching only. An optional undervoltage release can detect power loss and protect against unwanted restart. The module is available with a filter (type 5145) and without one (type 6145). Filter options include standard and medical grade (less than 5 µA leakage) with improved performance at higher frequencies. The module comes in ratings of from 1A to 15A at 250V. The unit is approved by UL and CSA and VDE up to 10A at 250 V. The switch, which comes in a variety of color, illumination, and legend options, is priced starting at $6.33 each/100 (no filter).


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