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Power Analyzer Performs Single- And Three-Phase Measurements

Capable of performing both single- and three-phase power measurements, the Model 6530 power analyzer claims to provide fast and accurate data for test and measurement of electric motors, lighting equipment, transformers, power supplies, and appliances. The instrument is based on a digital signal processor (DSP) capable of calculating over 40 MIPS. Combining the DSP with 16-bit a/d converters provides a basic accuracy up to 0.1%. Other features include a vacuum fluorescent display that can be customized to present data in any format. An optional plug-in module provides 12 analog output channels corresponding to voltage, current and power. Other features include external sensor capability, a dc to 100 kHz bandwidth, average, peak and inrush capabilities, IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces, and an integrated rack mount. For more information and price, call MAGTROL INC., Buffalo, NY. (716) 668-5555.

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