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32-Bit RISC Core Tackles Memory Bottlenecks

Embedded applications requiring processors with high clock speeds and voluminous instruction memory, such as are found in many communications products, have a new candidate for these processing assignments in the LX4189 core. Fabricated with a 0.15-µm silicon process, the LX4189 32-bit RISC core employs a new CPU with a 6-stage pipeline dedicated to accessing instruction memory and allowing the processor to keep clock frequencies running high.
The LX4189 can run at 266 MHz and is well-suited for packet processing, DSL modem, and other applications where high clock speed is critical. A MAC for DSP-related apps is also available. A second core, the LX4180, has been developed for traditional 8- and 16-bit applications that could take advantage of its small die size (i.e., 1 mm2), but do not need clock speeds >166 MHz. Single project license fee for RTL is $350,000.

Company: LEXRA INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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