Electronic Design

AC Motor Control Unit Targets Industrial And Automotive Applications

The MC3PHAC Motor Control Unit is a pre-programmed, variable-speed, three-phase ac device. It provides a comprehensive motor-control solution for use in many industrial, automotive, and home applications like low-horsepower HVAC motors, home washing machines and dishwashers, commercial appliances, process controls, pumps, and fans. This monolithic, intelligent unit contains the active functions required to implement the control portion of an open-loop, three-phase ac motor. With no software required for operation, an Internet-enabled system lets the motor be attached to a PC and controlled remotely. The unit is user-configurable for standalone or hosted operation. The MC3PHAC features a selectable 50/60-Hz base speed and up to 32-bit high-precision internal calculations. Available now, prices for the MC3PHAC Motor Control Unit start at $4.95 each.

Motorola Inc.

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