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  • Electronic Design Jan/Feb 2022

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    Download PDF - Electronic Design Jan/Feb 2022 Issue

    Jan. 25, 2022
    Download the digital version of the Electronic Design Jan/Feb 2022 issue.
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    Remote Collaboration, Digital Twins, and the Metaverse

    Jan. 24, 2022
    Peering into the technology crystal ball shows a digital twin.
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    Embedded Forecast: Better Hardware, Suspect Software

    Jan. 11, 2022
    Bill Wong lays out his predictions on embedded technology for 2022, covering hot trends ranging from PCIe to RISC-V to open-source software.
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    Technology Giants to Step Up Chip Design Ambitions in 2022

    Jan. 11, 2022
    If 2021 is any indication, 2022 will see tech giants take even greater strides in custom chip design.
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    Processors Have Come a Long Way

    Jan. 11, 2022
    Then and now: From mainframes to MPUs, processor technology has progressed significantly since Electronic Design was first published.

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    Check Out Kit Close-up on Electronic Design

    Jan. 11, 2022
    Our Kit Close-up video series highlights some of the latest development platforms available to engineers.
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    A Hopeful Look Forward in 2022

    Jan. 10, 2022
    In a disruptive time, it’s important to remember that every cloud has a silver lining.
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    Semiconductors 2022: A Growth Market Comes into Focus

    Jan. 10, 2022
    After last year’s semi market boom, will 2022 follow suit? Objective Analysis provides their insight on what may unfold in this turbulent industry atmosphere.
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    Test & Measurement

    Detecting Counterfeit ICs

    Dec. 22, 2021
    “Fake” chips present a huge issue for manufacturing companies trying to source ICs from non-traditional channels. One tool helps simplify the detection process.