PCIM 2023

Check out our coverage of the 2023 Power Control and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) show in Nuremberg, Germany.
Pcim Wolfspeed 1
Test & Measurement

Kit Evaluates MOSFETs, Gate Drivers Under Real Operating Conditions

June 2, 2023
Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit platform enables testing of SiC devices, gate drivers, and controls at real operating conditions, allowing design engineers to transition to wide-bandgap...
Pcim Keysight 1
Test & Measurement

Double-Pulse Tester and Analyzer Measures WBG Power Modules

May 31, 2023
Keysight's solution measures wide-bandgap power semiconductor dynamic characteristics for discrete devices and power modules, including characteristics like turn-on, turn-off,...
Pcim Infineon 1

Taking on Decarbonization and Digitalization in Electronics

May 25, 2023
Infineon’s software, XHP2 package, and chip-embedding functionality lends itself to the latest electronic design trends.
Pcim Epc 1
Discrete Power Semis

GaN Power-Conversion Solutions Eye Next-Gen Apps

May 23, 2023
GaN-based FETs and ICs enable higher efficiency, smaller size and weight, and lower cost in demanding power circuits.
Pcim Ga N 1

GaN Presented as Being Competitive with SiC

May 17, 2023
At PCIM, GaN Systems CEO Jim Witham discusses high power density of GaN devices in automotive, data-center, and audio applications.

More content from PCIM 2023

Circuit Board Stock Continental

Is the Future of the Datasheet Interactive?

May 16, 2023
The new interactive datasheets from Nexperia aim to help engineers evaluate components with ease.
Dreamstime and Infineon
Promo Dreamstime

Embedding 1,200-V SiC Chips into Automotive PCBs

May 12, 2023
Infineon Technologies and Schweizer Electronic are developing a solution to embed Infineon’s CoolSiC chips directly onto printed circuit boards. They believe this initiative will...
Texas Instruments
Background Promo

Gate Driver Adjusts Current in Real-Time to Boost EV Range

May 11, 2023
A 20-A gate driver developed by Texas Instruments shines when it’s paired with SiC MOSFETs in electric vehicles.