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Paving the Way to the Car of the Future Episode #3: Addressing Advanced EV Charging with High Voltage Technologies

Sept. 28, 2023
Episode 3 of this special 6-episode podcast series from Electronic Design and Texas Instruments focuses on how we are at the edge of a new era in transitioning from fossil fuels and rethinking how we generate, consume, and store energy.

Modern vehicles have evolved far beyond simply being a means of transportation. Cars are becoming even more a part of our extended identity. Every recent technological advancement, from wide band gap semiconductors to machine learning and artificial intelligence, is being harnessed in the service of creating the next generation of vehicles.

What makes the car? What is it today? And what does the future hold?

This is the third episode of a six-episode podcast series titled, ‘Paving the Way to the Road of the Future.’ The podcast is produced by Electronic Design in collaboration with Texas Instruments, a leader in the design and manufacturing of semiconductors.

In this episode, host Alix Paultre, editor at large for Electronic Design, sits down with Henrik Mannesson, General Manager of Grid Infrastructure at Texas Instruments, to discuss the migration of vehicles toward more and more intelligent and connected vehicle systems. They also explore issues in EV charging, the role of high-voltage power technologies, and other key topics.

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