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Building Automation: Extreme Comfort with Hidden Threats

In the fast-paced world of smart homes and buildings, indoor air quality often takes a backseat. The MOX technology offers a seamless solution to make your space smarter and harmless...

Automotive LDO Handles 40-V Inputs, Delivers Single-Digit Outputs

These LDO regulators fit automotive and industrial applications while also addressing manufacturability issues.
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These 5 New Capacitors Drive IoT and Smart-Home Innovations

TDK, Passive Plus, Kyocera, and Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier recently unveiled new capacitors and supercapacitors designed for a wide range of use cases.
3D Radar Targets ADAS Using Advanced Signal Processing

3D Radar Taps Advanced Signal Processing for ADAS

Learn how NXP's advanced 3D radar technology, featuring the SAF86xx SoC, enhances ADAS and software-defined vehicles by simplifying antenna deployment and improving object recognition...

The Rise of RISC-V and ISO 26262 Compliance

Can RISC-V meet ISO 26262 standards and reshape the automotive industry when it comes to functional safety? The latest trends suggest it’s already happening.

SiTime Targets AI with Integrated Clock Chip for Data Centers

The company is looking to unleash its MEMS timing devices in the data-center space with the Chorus family of clock generators.

A Tale of Two Schottkys and Two Rare-Earth-Free Motors

PowerBites offers insights on two new rare-earth-free electric-motor architectures, the latest power components, and news that California's grid is now spending significant periods...

AMD’s New Family of Low-Cost FPGAs is All About Flexibility

The Spartan UltraScale+ family of FPGAs features a very high ratio of I/O to programmable logic.
Switching Converters Combine AC-DC and DC-DC Stages on a Single Chip

Switching Converters Combine AC-DC and DC-DC Stages on One Chip

Power Integrations’ latest series of power converters leverages the advantages of GaN technology to create a family of highly efficient multi-output devices.

Mid-Range FPGA Brings AI and Longevity to Developers

The mid-range Agilex 5 developed by Intel incorporates AI acceleration and long-term support for applications from medical to robotics.