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Engineers are in High Demand. Most are Not Missing the Opportunity. (Download)

Nov. 7, 2022

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As electrical and electronics engineers find themselves in high demand, they’re pushing their employers to raise salaries, increase bonuses, and offer other perks to complement their pay increases this year.

Around 70% of respondents say that they will see their compensation grow in 2022, up from about 60% in the same situation just last year, according to data from the latest annual survey from Electronic Design and Endeavor Business Media's Design Engineering Group. The results signal that engineers still have a strong hand to play when it comes to getting raises and bonuses, as companies compete over scarce talent to fill open positions.

Only a fraction of the nearly 600 respondents, ranging from rank-and-file design engineers to those in executive and engineering management roles, anticipate a reduction in their overall pay this year.


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