April 1st, 2024 @ Electronic Design: Generative AI

April 2, 2024
From recursive regenerative AI to solar submarines, our special April 1 articles cover all aspects of design in the electronics world.
Technology Advancements

April 1st @ Electronic Design

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Machine Learning

Discovering Recursive Regenerative AI

RRAI takes a step past generative AI to a contemplative new paradigm.
Jim Handy

New Linear Processor Crushes AI and Other Complex Problems

Indlewylde’s device, a linear AI accelerator, is named after “the most beautiful equation in mathematics.”

Leading EV Maker to Introduce First-Ever Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Customer realities have brought an acknowledgement about maximum EV market potential.

Startup to Introduce AI-Enhanced Analog ICs

Even classic analog components may get a functional boost due to the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

Urban Lifestyle Initiative is for the Birds @mwrf.com

A group in New York City is working on a massive project to bring something back to the cities that hasn’t been around for decades.
AI Dall•E

Unanticipated Career Boom in AI Sparked by "Digital Depression" @mwrf.com

Even the Robot Apocalypse has a silver lining. Some lucky tech workers who lose their jobs to the growing use of artificial intelligence may find new careers as "digital therapists...

Navy to Evaluate Solar Power for Submarines @mwrf.com

The nation’s defense goes “green” by reducing use of diesel and nuclear fuel in submarines.
Industry Insights

Elemental Carbon and Sodium Sue to Redeem Their Reputations @mwrf.com

Two essential elements resent being maligned for the implications of their higher-level molecules.
Cabe Atwell/Electronic Design

Electronic Design’s BBS Restarts After 30 Years During Catastrophic Website Outage

The original Electronic Design Bulletin Board System (BBS) is once again active after three decades of inactivity.

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Attila Mezei | Dreamstime
Technology Advancements

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