Low-Data-Rate Ethernet Tied to Automotive Control

March 12, 2024
Analog Devices’ new platform simplifies low-data-rate 10BASE-T1S automotive deployment.

This video is part of the TechXchange: Single-Pair Ethernet

What you’ll learn:

  • Where 10BASE-T1S automotive Ethernet is used in the car.
  • What is Analog Devices’ E2B solution?


Automotive Ethernet pushes the boundaries of wiring that’s part of the IEEE 802.3cg standard. At the low end, we have a 10BASE-T1S specification that targets low-data-rate applications under 25 m in either a point-to-point full- or half-duplex mode or a multidrop half-duplex mode (see figure). It competes with CAN and LIN networks in the automotive space, which handle control applications such as window and door controls.

I talked with Hiroshi Ono, Strategic Marketing Manager with Analog Devices, about the company’s 10BASE-T1S solution called Ethernet to the Edge Bus (E2B) (see the video above).

10BASE-T1S is a single-pair Ethernet (SPE) implementation. Faster versions exist in the standard, but low-speed applications can take advantage of this less-expensive standard. The standard provides power over data line (PoDL) because the interface is AC-coupled. It’s similar to Power over Ethernet (PoE) used for more conventional Ethernet applications.

E2B is a device implementation of the 10BASE-T1S standard that simplifies application solutions by eliminating the need for a host microcontroller. It can be used with edge sensors and actuators typically found in cars that are handled by microcontrollers linked via CAN or LIN. 10BASE-T1S provides packet-based Ethernet communication that can be bridged to higher-speed Ethernet networks.

Check out more videos/articles in the TechXchange: Single-Pair Ethernet


This new Ethernet technology presented by @analogdevicesinc provides a 10 Mbps multidrop transmission medium that can include up to at least eight transceiver nodes. The company demonstrated its E2B solution at CES.

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