Q&A: The Lowdown on Z-Wave’s S2 Security Support (.PDF Download)

July 12, 2017
Q&A: The Lowdown on Z-Wave’s S2 Security Support (.PDF Download)

Z-Wave was a popular wireless technology even before the Internet of Things (IoT) became a buzzword. It has provided connectivity for a wide range of applications, from home control and security to industrial control. I recently talked to Sigma Designs’ Vice President, Raoul Wijgergangs, about IoT security and how Z-Wave’s latest S2 security support fits into the discussion.

Wong: What trends are you seeing in cyber security and what has been lacking in smart home?

Wijgergangs: IoT has introduced a wide range of new and unique security risks and challenges to connected devices, operating systems, communications, and the system through which it’s all connected. Security concerns are amplifying across all sectors of IoT, and Sigma Designs believes that in order for widespread adoption to take hold in the consumer smart-home space, the industry must mandate minimum levels of security measures to protect from cyber intrusion across the board.

Part of what’s been lacking in the smart home is that device manufacturers are thinking about the security of their specific device, not the security of the whole network. Security has been an on-going priority for our R&D team, which is why the latest SDK [software development kit] for Z-Wave supplies a best-in-class security framework known as Security 2 (S2) to ensure Z-Wave devices are the most secure in the industry.

Wong: How is the industry advancing to provide more efficient, more secure solutions?

Wijgergangs: Today’s smart-home device market is dominated by single, standalone devices. However, companies are trying to find a way to be part of the connected network of smart devices to offer greater value to consumers. That said, 58% of companies reported they were not confident in the security of their IoT devices, according to a 2016 AT&T study.


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