EPIC Fills PC/104 Board Gap

May 10, 2004
SBC form factor fills a happy medium between PC/104 and EBX.

PC/104 is too small and EBX is too big, but the new EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) is just right, or so says the founding group of five vendors that includes Ampro, Micro/sys, Octagon, VersaLogic, and WinSystems.

EPIC provides more than twice (29.4 in.2) the space than PC/104 (14.5 in.2). It has plenty of connector space for the EBX boards, yet it's more compact. Also, there is enough open area for large heatsinks and on-board power supplies that PC/104 can't handle alone.

EBX has a large following. It recently took up residence at the PC/104 Consortium. EPIC eventually will fall under its auspices. For now, the open standard can be found at the EPIC Web site.

Though EPIC doesn't currently define interfaces beyond the existing PC/104 Plus PCI and ISA expansion, it eventually will deliver support for newer technologies, such as PCI Express and ExpressCard. Some of the I/O areas offer sufficient space for connectors and cards like ExpressCard and CompactFlash.

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