Abacus Polar Starter Kit speeds motor control design

Oct. 27, 2005
Kit is based on ST7FMC microcontroller and facilitates efficient control circuits for brushless DC motors and custom control apps.

Abacus Polar is addressing the growing interest in developing efficient control circuits for brushless DC motors with the launch of a Starter Kit. This contains a ready-to-use motor control application and the tools required to create a custom control application.

The AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit is based on the STMicroelectronics ST7FMC microcontroller which has a built-in, dedicated motor control peripheral that drives either induction or permanent magnet brushless motors. The Starter Kit supports designers in developing real-world motor control applications based on this device.

The AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit comprises a motor control board, a three-phase, permanent-magnet, brushless DC (BLDC) motor, plus an in-circuit debugger board and optoisolation board. The motor control board has an integral power stage and can drive AC and DC motors directly.

The development environment provided by the Starter Kit enables developers to write their own software and download it to the microcontroller for debug. The tools include an in-circuit, real-time debugger/programmer, a control panel application to modify all the motor driving parameters in real-time, the STMicroelectronics Visual Debug IDE and C libraries. Cables and documentation complete the package.

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