Ultra-Mini Linux Networking Server Arrives

Oct. 19, 2009
Berkshire, England:

Samples are available of the smallest, self-contained Linux networking server to date, or so claims ACAL Technology. Building on Lantronix XPort technology, XPort Pro is a production-ready server that operates on the Linux or Evolution OS operating systems.

XPort Pro also boosts on-board memory to 8MB SDRAM/16MB flash. Its ultra-low current of 150mA at 10Mb/s minimises power consumption.

Footprint-compatible with existing XPort networking servers, XPort Pro is a production-ready module that eliminates the need for complex connectivity design. Its 32bit processor allows advanced applications to be deployed directly onto edge devices.

The combination of the Linux operating system, with integrated IPv6 and extensive features libraries, extensive on-board memory and advanced processing, provide flexibility to customise XPort Pro to a range of M2M applications.

Network security is provided by a range of data encryption/authentication options, and enhanced by Lantronix’s patent-pending VIP (virtual IP) Access technology.


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