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Electronic Design Update: November 5, 2008

Nov. 5, 2008
Scrappy IC Startup Challenges Big Guns With Lossy-Compression ADC For Ultrasound
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | November 5, 2008 | FREEmagazine subscription digital or print!ADVERTISEMENT High-Performance Stacking Connectors Increase Design Flexibility
Incorporate flexible configurations into card and system designs with mezzanine connectors from Amphenol TCS. The XCede® Stacker enables parallel board-to-board designs up to 20 Gbps with the highest levels of reliability. The XCede Stacker provides the density and mechanical robustness needed to address increasing I/O counts. Its modular construction and different guidance options allow length to be optimized for each application. Several heights are available, ideal for scaling stackable systems based on 1U increments.
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leapfrog |Scrappy IC Startup Challenges Big Guns WIth Lossy-Compression ADC For Ultrasound By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
With TI and Analog Devices duking it out for dominance in the front ends of the world’s ultrasound medical devices, it would take some audacity for a fabless startup to design its first product for the same market. But Samplify Systems has announced chips based on a lossy data-compression algorithm. Read the full article... commentary |Startup Sets Sail For Speedier Spice Simulation By David Maliniak, EDA Editor
With analog content on the rise in all manner of systems, it is more important than ever to integrate analog and mixed-signal capabilities into design and verification methodologies. What that means is an increasing reliance on Spice simulation for shakeout of the interface between the analog and digital domains of designs. Read the full article... green design |Environmental Fund Asks Congress To Update Toxic Substances Act By Ron Schneiderman, Contributing Editor
With at least several hundred companies in the United States producing or importing chemicals designated as hazardous by the European Union (EU), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has issued a report calling on the U.S. Congress to update the nation’s 32-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act. Read the full article...Survey: Environmental Program Doesn’t Have Much REACH By Ron Schneiderman, Contributing Editor
A survey of electronics companies by the IPC, a trade association whose 2700 member companies represent virtually all facets of the electronics industry, has found that more than 40% of manufacturing and purchasing personnel have no understanding of the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) environmental program as it affects their companies, even though the pre-registration of chemicals was required from June 1. Read the full article... design hotspots | Analog · Using Delta-Sigma Can Be As Easy As ADC (Part 3) | By Dave Van Ess

Power · No-Load Rules Do Not Apply To Telephony Products, Says EPA | By Ron Schneiderman, Contributing Editor

Embedded · Open-Source Software Is Stealing Your Business | By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor

ADVERTISEMENT Now Available! The Designer’s Guide to PoE
A focused look at what design engineers need to know about Power Over Ethernet – a protocol for transmitting power and data signals over standard LAN infrastructure. The Guide comprises an engineering analysis by Technical Editors of Penton Media’s Electronic Design Group and includes a subset of market-analysis data from VDC Research’s 2008 PoE study.
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engineer's resource | WEBINAR: Scaling Engineering and Scientific Performance for the Workgroup – What’s the Best Infrastructure for You? On November 6, this webcast will discuss the trends in multicore technologies; considerations beyond raw CPU/MFLOP performance that are important to the user when running high-memory bandwidth applications; affordable and easy to deploy “supercomputing-in-a-box” that can augment the scientific and engineering workgroup; and a special Q&A session.

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WHITE PAPER: Create Complex Sequences with a DC Power Supply
Products with list mode can provide more complex sequences with additional triggering functionality without the need for additional test equipment. Learn the benefits of using list mode to create complex sequences and for improved testing and reduced test time. Read today.

IFD of the week |"Greener" Rectifier Loses The Diodes, Adds Power MOSFETs, Efficiency By Christian Rausch, Toptica Photonics AG
A major cause of losses in a conventional power supply using a 50/60-Hz transformer is the bridge rectifier. This article shows how to build a “greener” rectifier, substantially reducing losses by eliminating the diodes in the bridge rectifier and substituting modern low-RDS(ON) power MOSFETs. Read the full article... video of the week | Tektronix's New Oscilloscopes
Tektronix's Dave Farrell takes Electronic Design's David Maliniak through the high points of Tek's MSO2000 mixed-signal and DPO2000 digital phosphor oscilloscopes. Watch it now...

Engineering TV | Rev Up Fuel Efficiency Design Contest Infineon and Auto Electronics sponsored the Rev Up Fuel Efficiency Design Contest, where engineers took the "green challenge" to design a solution using Infineon products that enables or improves energy efficiency for automotive applications. The goal: increase the car fleet fuel efficiency from today's 26.6 mpg to 35 mpg by 2012. When analyzing the differences between more or less fuel-efficient cars, the list of technologies that add up to the difference can be surprisingly long. This in turn provides room for creativity and ideas how to approach this engineering "elephant" from different angles, using different techniques.

news from the editors |
SFF-SIG Addresses Mass Storage For Small Embedded Systems
The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) will adopt and enhance SiliconSystems’ SiliconDrive II Blade Specification for use with small, rugged subsystems such as mass storage and other I/O technologies. Read the full article...
Infineon Power ICs Run Seatbelt Pretension System
Autoliv Inc. has selected Infineon as the sole supplier of power semiconductors for Autoliv’s next-generation seatbelt pretension systems, called Active Seatbelts. Read the full article...
CSR Bluetooth Silicon Used In Aliph Headset
Aliph’s latest generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset uses the BlueCore5-Multimedia Bluetooth technology from CSR. Read the full article...
HDMI 1.3 Receivers Use Anchor Bay Scaling IC
Yamaha has chosen the ABT2010 video scaling chip from Anchor Bay for use in Yamaha’s RX-Z7 and RX-V3900 AV HDMI 1.3-enabled receivers. Read the full article...
ADVERTISEMENT Read eBook: The Dangers of Counterfeit Battery Packs
The quantifiable impact of imitation battery packs to the OEM includes increased safety risks for customers, greater product returns due to non-performing batteries, reduced customer satisfaction, and reduced revenue for batteries supplied by the original manufacturer. This interactive eBook provides an analysis of several counterfeit batteries and details some of the safety issues found.
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quick poll | Major economic downturns often lead to significant innovations. If history repeats itself, where will the next breakthrough come from?
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focus product |
FPGAs Break Size And Power Barriers
Groomed for virtually all manner of portables, nano versions of Actel’s IGLOO FPGAs take power consumption down to 2 µW and package sizes to as small as 3 by 3 mm. With power consumption as low 2 µW, the IGLOO nano FPGAs range in densities from 10k to 250k system gates. Read the full article... product picks online | Schottky Diodes Eye High-Performance Mixer/Detector Apps Desktop Networking Platforms Enlist EP80579 SoC Broad-Spectrum DC-DC Converter Minds The Budget ULT Motors Outfit Low-Profile Gimbal Positioning Systems upcoming industry events | International Conference On Computer-Aided Design
San Jose, Calif.
Nov. 10-13
Advances in Testing Embedded Systems
Nov. 12
IP Based Electronic System Conference & Exhibiton
Grenoble, France
Dec. 3-4
ED bookstore |The Art Of Debugging With GDB, DDD and Eclipse Norman Matloff and Peter Jay Salzman
Most developers use only one debugger but it is quite handy to know about others. Likewise, you might want to consider a move from gdb to Eclipse or vice-versa depending upon the platform you might be debugging. This book provides an excellent contrast between each by showing how to perform the same function in each environment. Read the full article...

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