Inorganic EL Video Display Produces CRT-Quality Color

Dec. 1, 2001

A demonstration of an 8.5" flat panel video display with TV-quality color on a proprietary inorganic electroluminescent (EL) technology occurred at the recent Society for Information Display Conference. According to the company, this is the first time that inorganic EL technology has delivered color quality typical of current CRT-based television sets. This advancement employs a color patterning process with separate red, green and blue phosphors in combination with analog grayscale column driver ICs to deliver 16.7 million clear, crisp saturated colors-something never before demonstrated by an inorganic EL technology, the company says. The company's proprietary thick dielectric structure allows for the display to be passively driven, so it does not require an expensive active-matrix thin-film transistor (TFT) array to achieve high brightness in video applications. The new displays can be produced using well-known, high yield printed circuit board or capacitor manufacturing processes, rather than complex semi-conductor type processes. IFIRE TECHNOLOGY INC., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (416) 246-1030.


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