Feature-Enhanced DAQ Software Update Is Downloadable

Oct. 14, 2010

Version V01.05.00 of Ipetronik’s IPEmotion measurement data-acquisition software is available for download. The new version offers optimisations and features such as an oscilloscope view of high-speed signals, a new type of “X-Y” diagram, license management via a USB dongle, extended installation options in the IPEmotion setup, and a new formula parser. Other novel innovations include configurable directories that enable customisation, and global configuration of hotkeys for easier operation via a keyboard.

Looking at the features in more detail, IPEmotion offers an oscilloscope view for online display, which can display high-speed signals in the 100kHz range at full resolution. The time basis is able to be triggered at up to 100ns. Each oscilloscope has its own individual trigger that can be used to initiate a recording. Here, a “freeze mode” makes it possible to manually pause the display at any time.

The “X-Y” charts enable display of two signals in relation to each other. This allows, for example, the plotting of force in relation to distance, or material thickness in relation to distance. This type of diagram is available for both online display and subsequent analysis.

Standard licensing for IPEmotion is managed on a per-computer basis. With the new USB dongle option, IPEmotion users can install IPEmotion on an unlimited amount of computers. The software then runs on the PC that has the dongle connected to it.

Other advantages include the extended range of installation options for setting up IPEmotion. Normally, it’s installed for a specific Windows user. From V01.05.00 onward, it can also be installed for all registered users. As a result, an administrator can install IPEmotion for other users without having to log into those accounts.

The new formula parser ensures that calculations remain uniform in IPEmotion and all hardware plug-ins. It was implemented whereby it can be used in IPEmotion as well as other applications. This ensures that other applications, such as statistics programs, integrating the IPEmotion formula parser arrive at the same results in all calculations.

With version V01.05.00, configurable directories make it possible to customise the configuration. Users can now freely configure nearly every directory (folder) used by IPEmotion. That means that individual users can adjust the software to meet their specific needs; for example, with regard to the location at which it stores the acquired test and measurement data.

Furthermore, IPEmotion also supports global configuration of hotkeys for selected functions. This comes in handy when an external mouse or a touchpad can’t be used to operate the software, such as in a vehicle.

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