PCI Express Fabric Switches Now Available In VXS/OpenVPX

Dec. 8, 2010

Concurrent Technologies’ two new fabric switch boards—FR 331/306 (VPX) and FX 322/0xx (VXS)—deliver the switching technology needed for multiple single-board computers (SBCs) to inter-communicate effectively. 

The fabric switches provide backplane connectivity compliant with VITA 46.x and VITA 41.x standards, ensuring seamless system integration of full-line-rate net-centric architectures for rugged, aerospace, military, industrial, and telecommunication secure networks. Both fabric switches can be configured using the company’s configuration software (SW FSC/001).

The FR 331/306, a 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) fabric switch, offers gigabit data-transfer rates. It supports x4 PCI Express (Gen1 or Gen2) with six payload boards, DMA on two PCI-E ports, and user configuration via RS-232. The fabric switch is designed to complement the TR 501/36x Core 2 Duo VPX SBC.

The FX 322/0xx, a multichannel 6U VXS fabric switch operating at multiple-gigabit data-transfer rates, offers higher bandwidth and lower latency for PCI Express architectures. It supports x4 PCI Express (Gen1 or Gen2) with six, 12, or 18 payload boards; two inter-switch ports; four SERDES ports; and user configuration via RS-232. The FX 322/0xx complements the company’s VX 511/06x Core 2 Duo VXS SBC.

In addition to the high bandwidth and low latency, the fabric switches feature flexible port architectures for infrastructures requiring high performance and secure connectivity, such as centralized switching systems, network centric operations (NCO), and data-management servers.

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