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Cards Tap AltiVec Technology To Improve Performance Dramatically

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Targeting OEMs searching for scalable system solutions for radar, sonar, simulation, and other compute-intensive applications, the 2840 MultiComputer board has tapped Motorola's AltiVec technology to help boost performance- the technology helps permit complex FFT operations to be performed four times faster. The board is based on the firm's 2000 Series architecture, which allows technological advances such as AltiVec to be easily and speedily integrated into the cards.With AltiVec, the 2000 Series systems can provide teraflop levels of performance when configured with 1024 processors. Packaged in a standard 6U VME form factor, the 2840 MultiComputer combines the AltiVec-enhance MPC7400 PowerPCs with Myrinet high-speed, gigabit/s networking technology to help deliver the board's high computational capabilities. The 2000 Series boards also feature four processing nodes interconnected to every other node in the system, allowing the same communication protocol to be used on and between boards and between cabinets.

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