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Complete PC Fits Into Single cPCI Slot

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Suitable for a variety of applications ranging from industrial process automation/ quality inspection to telecommunications, the EUROCOM 238 single-board computer (SBC) is a Celeron/Pentium III-based board with company-assured availability for an extended period of time. Based on the 440BX PCI chipset, this SBC resides in a single CompactPCI slot and supports Celeron CPUs of 366 or 433 MHz or Pentium IIIs at 600 and 850 MHz. A 64-bit wide memory supports 128 or 256 MB of SDRAM, with memory size detected automatically. Other features include an AGP-based C&T 69030 video controller that supports CRT and flat-panel displays and a PCI extension card for PMC boards. An IDE hard disk can be mounted to the card and connected to the primary IDE with a short 1:1 cable. Single-unit price is $2,390.

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