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PA Module Urges Smart Phones To Diversify

Modern cellular phones perform a varied array of tasks. They can connect to the Internet, take and send photos via e-mail, and keep their users organized and on time. Meanwhile, innovation in personal communications and handheld computing is forging ahead at a breathtaking pace. While watching these trends and technologies converge, RF Micro Devices and Treo decided to join their ranks. Recently, RF Micro Devices announced that it will supply the RF3140 PowerStar power-amplifier module for use in the Treo 600 Smartphone by Handspring.

The Treo 600 Smartphone combines the features of a wireless handheld device and a mobile phone into a compact design (see figure). It includes a Fast Palm Operating System (OS) 5-based organizer with messaging, e-mail, web browsing, and a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard. The device also houses a digital camera and an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion or system backup. It even flaunts the ability to add wireless-networking capabilities, such as Bluetooth technology.

According to Handspring, it chose RF Micro Devices' RF3140 power-amplifier module because it helped to streamline the entire design process. As a result, Handspring could bring the Treo 600 Smartphone to market sooner. Aside from the time-to-market factor, the power-amplifier modules probably won Handspring over with their reputation. In fact, the PowerStar product line is ranked as one of the world's best-selling power-amplifier modules with integrated power control. Due in part to these modules' growing success, RF Micro Devices recently became the fastest company to ship 250 million power-amplifier modules.

The quad-band RF3140 power amplifier is designed for use as the final radio-frequency amplifier in single- and multiband handheld digital cellular equipment (GSM 850/EGSM/DCS/ PCS). It also can be used for applications in the following bands: 824 to 849 MHz; 880 to 915 MHz; 1710 to 1785 MHz; and 1850 to 1910 MHz.

This power-amp-lifier module features integrated power-control circuitry, which eliminates the need for directional couplers. It also boasts detector diodes, power-control application-specific integrated circuits, and other power-control circuitry. The RF3140 is manufactured using GaAs HBT for the power amplifier. Silicon CMOS is utilized for the integrated power circuitry. The power-amplifier module is packaged in a 10-×-10-mm leadless chip carrier. It is available now.

For pricing and shipping information on the RF3140 power-amplifier module, visit RF Micro Devices' website at www.rfmd.com. To learn more about Handspring's Treo 600 Smartphone, go to www.handspring.com.

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