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PCI Carrier Cards Bring I/O Capabilities To Industrial PCs For Easy Prototyping

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A wide variety of powerful and environmentally-hardened modular I/O options are placed in the hands of system designers using a pair of carrier cards for PCI bus-based systems. The cards are also said to make it easier for developers to quickly prototype and design systems. Cards are suited to applications such as data acquisition and analysis; test, measurement and instrumentation; motion control and communication in industries as diverse as automotive testing, shipboard electronic systems, machine control, robotic systems and telephony equipment.The cards- the C203 and C204- provide connectors for multiple M-Module modular I/O mezzanine cards. An M-Module is simply inserted into the connector on the C203 or C204 and the carrier card is, in turn, inserted into a PCI motherboard slot. The C204 is a short PCI card with a connector for one M-Module. The C203 is a full-size long PCI card.

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