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Tiny SAW Filters Mount Directly To ICs Vias BGA

Measuring only 0.8 by 0.6 by 0.365 mm, the SAFAM surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filters are the smallest such devices available, according to Murata Electronics North America. They take up 75% less volume and 66% less area compared to other filters.

Because they use the boundary acoustic wave as the reproducing wave, the advanced, planar-type components don’t need a cavity and achieve the same high-tolerance capabilities as traditional filters while offering the same thermal-shock tolerance of semiconductors.

Also, the SAFAM filters use ball-grid array (BGA) terminations that allow mounting directly on ICs, while other filters offer only pc-board mounting, outside the semiconductor. This ability not only further reduces system size, it also provides the IC maker greater control over performance.

The filters comply with GSM850, GSM900 (EGSM), GSM1800 (DCS), and GSM1900 (PCS) standards. Murata says it will develop the series further for use in wireless communications devices other than mobile phones. Samples of the SAFAM series are available for $0.50. Lead time is approximately 12 to 14 weeks.

Murata Electronics North America

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