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TomTom Creates the World's First Embedded Portable Navigation Solution For the Automotive Industry

TomTom, the world's largest navigation solution provider, has developed the world's first portable navigation device which can be embedded into vehicles through the dashboard or the radio. The unit will be in the market from Summer 2007.

Car manufacturers have encountered difficulties in developing integrated satellite navigation systems that meet consumer demands for cost effective, easy to use and updateable navigation that features the latest innovations the industry has to offer.

TomTom's innovative offering will see TomTom partner with car manufacturers and their suppliers to create new, smart ways to customise its award winning navigation technology into the look and functions of their cars. The TomTom units can be coupled with a radio, infotainment head unit, or built directly into the dashboard.

Using TomTom's patented technology, the touchscreen on the device can be used as an interface to the car's entire entertainment system. Regardless of whether the TomTom device is built into a radio or a dashboard, a driver can control the radio via the touchscreen and the TomTom device will provide full audio integration with the car playing CDs and MP3s at Hi-Fi stereo quality, as well as spoken instructions and phone calls all via the car speakers.

Additionally, the TomTom device can be connected to the vehicle BUS system and sensors, such as speed impulse for enhanced functionalities.

Compared to traditional embedded navigation systems, the TomTom offering will have the following benefits:

  • The user experience is improved as the unit is entirely portable and can be used in any other vehicle as a result of a built in battery and speaker, while remaining nicely integrated in the vehicle.
  • TomTom's offering is very affordable for end customers.
  • The unit can always be easily updated and upgraded to keep pace with the latest, fast moving consumer electronics technologies.
  • All content and services provided by TomTom's unique PLUS offering are available for this embedded system as well, managed through TomTom HOME. TomTom HOME is TomTom's free software application enabling users to manage, download, store and transfer content from their computer onto their TomTom device.
  • Customers can enjoy easy control and functional benefits such as: hands free calling, iPod control, MP3 playback, control of the radio and CD player, synchronised radio volume controls and no wires, as power is taken from the car directly.

"For the first time, the automotive industry can truly participate in the huge growth of the portable navigation device market by taking advantage of TomTom's expertise. This marks an industry first that we can now bring an affordable and practical solution to the automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to provide integrated, portable navigation to its customers," Harold Goddijn, TomTom's chief executive officer comments.

This unique offering is an example of how TomTom's is expanding its offerings by working on solutions with the automotive industry that bring the best of both the consumer electronics world and the automotive world together. TomTom is able to offer innovative, affordable, easy-to-use navigation that is always updateable and upgradeable for the automotive industry.

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