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Headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA, Digi-Key is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world. Founded in 1972, Digi-Key was a pioneer in the mail-order catalog business and a key resource for design engineers. Today Digi-Key offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment. From prototype to production, we are here to fuel innovation all over the world.

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New Boards Guide Plus AR App Intent on Innovation

June 27, 2023
Gain insight into the latest microcontrollers, SBCs, and FPGAs with augmented-reality interaction using the latest "Guide to Boards" from Digi-Key and Make Magazine.
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How IIoT and AI are Transforming the Supply Chain

Feb. 7, 2022
The intersection of AI and real-time data, in concert with the industrial IoT, will continue to provide a more holistic view and control over the supply chain, and with any luck...
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Next-Gen Bluetooth Modules: The Solution that Found the Problem

Nov. 30, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key and Silicon Labs: The latest in Bluetooth modules help remove some of the difficulty of designing a BT-enabled device, especially when it comes to eliminating...
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Improving Remote Patient Monitoring to Overcome Healthcare Limitations

Nov. 30, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key and Maxim: With the healthcare system turned on its head due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote monitoring is an ever-more vital tool. Power consumption is...
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Speed Up and Simplify RF Design

Sept. 28, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key and NXP Semiconductors: With wireless demands skyrocketing across all industries, designing in RF capability often becomes essential. One company’s expertise...
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LED Lighting Design Has Never Been Easier

Aug. 20, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor: Lighting via LED systems has become pervasive in new homes and buildings. Now a new platform makes it a snap to prototype and finalize...

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Test & Measurement

Spotlight on IoT Kits and an FPGA Test System

Aug. 3, 2022
Digi-Key's Scott Raker shows off some IoT kits and an FPGA-based test-and-measurement platform at Sensors Converge.
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Supply Chain Transformed: Next-Generation Production

Dec. 8, 2021
This video from Digi-Key provides useful insight into the global supply chain and manufacturing issues as well as answers you may find useful.
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Supply Chain Transformed: The Product Journey

Nov. 23, 2021
This episode examines products as they move through the supply chain.

Supply Chain Transformed: Components at the Source

Oct. 26, 2021
Digi-Key talks about the global supply chain and tours one of Molex’s manufacturing facilities.
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Motor Management Madness

Dec. 29, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key and STMicroelectronics: MCUs optimized for motor control deliver efficiency, size, and cost advantages to designers.

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Fighting COVID-19: Engineers Answer the Call

April 21, 2020
Sponsored by Digi-Key: As the coronavirus pervades throughout the world, ventilators have quickly become short in supply. It’s put engineering teams on notice to come up with ...
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Power over Ethernet Gets Stronger

Nov. 14, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor: The latest PoE standard—802.3bt—pushes available power for PDs to the highest levels yet, unleashing a new torrent of components and...
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Factory Efficiency, Performance, and Quality Relies on Industrial Sensors

Sept. 26, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and TE Connectivity: The age of the sensor is in full swing across the industrial landscape. Are you and your equipment keeping up with the latest trends...
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Superior Gate Drivers Make SiC MOSFETs the Top High-Power Switching Devices

Aug. 22, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor: Silicon-carbide devices offer a range of benefits, such as high-voltage, high-current, and high-temperature capability, along with ...
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LED Lighting: More to It Than You Think

Aug. 12, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and Infineon Technologies: Today’s lighting systems are dominated by LED technology. Though it seems a relatively simple concept, lighting multiple LED arrays...
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A Different Way to Deliver Advanced IoT Applications

May 14, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and STMicroelectronics: This dual-core wireless system-on-chip can handle virtually any demands wrought by the Internet of Things.
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Prototyping IIoT Platforms Just Got Easier

March 15, 2019
Sponsored by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor: No need to start from scratch with these SoCs and wireless development kits.
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Capacitors and Current-Sense Amps: Unsung Energy-Harvesting Heroes

Dec. 18, 2018
Sponsored by Digi-Key and ON Semiconductor/Kemet: These components, typically built to withstand tough conditions, are critical for maintaining the reliability and long-term life...
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Cellular Network Backup and Failover Takes Center Stage

Aug. 29, 2018
Sponsored by Digi-Key and Digi International: Wired alternatives are being displaced by extremely reliable cellular technology that is more than fast enough for the clear majority...