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We are a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. For over 40 years, our company has been instrumental to the world’s most significant technology advancements, delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications.

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Micron’s Next-Gen HBM Pushes Memory Bandwidth Boundaries

Aug. 8, 2023
The company is trying to tap into the AI boom with its next-generation 24-GB HBM3 memory chips.
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DDR5 Server Memory Now Fully Validated for Xeon Processors

March 1, 2023
DDR5 technology looks to improve every aspect of performance for Intel’s Xeon family.
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Micron's $15 Billion to Fund First New U.S. Memory Fab in Decades

Sept. 14, 2022
The company broke ground for a new memory fab near its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. It will purportedly have the largest cleanroom ever built in the U.S.
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Micron Pledges to Invest $40 Billion in U.S. Memory Fabs

Aug. 10, 2022
The memory chip giant said that it plans to start mass-producing chips at its new U.S. fabs after 2025.
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3D NAND Flash Memory Stacked High at Micron

Aug. 4, 2022
The company has started mass production of its most advanced 3D NAND chips made up of 232 layers of memory cells. The competition sits close behind.
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Micron Bets $150 Billion on Memory Chip Production, R&D by 2030

Oct. 30, 2021
Memory chip giant Micron said it is currently engaged with government officials around the world, including in the U.S., to discuss plans for fab expansions or the possible construction...

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More Product Highlights from embedded world 2024

May 2, 2024
The embedded world Exhibition & Conference brings together the world of electronic systems. Here's a sampling of other product standouts from the show.
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Products of the Week

Products of the Week: Sub-GHz SoC Adds AI, 232-Layer NAND Goes Mobile

June 23, 2023
Check out some of the latest products and solutions from around the electronics industry.
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Quick Chat

QuickChat: Micron Technology on Fulfilling the Insatiable Need for More Storage

Dec. 9, 2022
Bill Wong and Ramin Ghodsi discuss all things storage and how Micron is staying on the heels of the storage needs for many industries and applications.
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Quick Chat

QuickChat: An Industry-First 232-layer NAND Providing Breakthrough Storage Capacity

Dec. 9, 2022
Bill Wong sits down with Product Line Manager, Priya Bharath to discuss the exciting development of 232-Layer 3D NAND from Micron Technology.
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Design FAQs

FAQ: 3D NAND Technology Featuring 232 Layers

Nov. 21, 2022
The latest 3D NAND technology offers some unique benefits and features that every engineer is going to want to learn about.
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Products of the Week

Products of the Week: 1.5-TB microSD Card, ToF Cameras

July 1, 2022
Don't miss some of the latest products to hit the market. They may be just want you need for your latest design project.

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Micron Warns About DRAM Memory Shortages, Price Hikes Ahead

April 15, 2021
Micron said that, as demand rebounds and supply tightens, the global electronics industry is experiencing severe shortages of DRAM memory chips, causing average prices to spike...
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Micron to Halt Development of 3D XPoint, Sell Flash Memory Fab

March 20, 2021
The semiconductor giant said there was not enough demand for memory chips based on 3D XPoint to be worth the investment, while other new technologies are showing more promise....
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2021 Predictions: Memory and Storage Boost Innovation in 5G, AI, and More

Feb. 15, 2021
From AI to 5G IIoT to ADAS, Micron Technology’s industry experts weigh in on the trends that memory and storage will help advance in 2021.
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The Role of Centralized Storage in the Emerging Interactive Cockpit

Feb. 10, 2021
As the auto industry transforms itself, the cockpit becomes an increasingly appealing experience for car buyers. To keep up with changing consumer desires, automotive memory and...
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3D NAND Hits 176 Layers

Dec. 16, 2020
Micron continues to push the edge when it comes to 3D NAND flash memory by leveraging replacement-gate NAND, which boosts write endurance and power efficiency.
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Essential Guide to Micron DDR5

Nov. 2, 2020
Development of next-generation memory technology offers the capabilities required to tackle compute-intensive applications.
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Micron Doubles Down on Cuts to Memory Chip Production

July 1, 2019
Micron Doubles Down on Cuts to Memory Chip Production
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Micron Moves Ahead With Plans to Take Over IM Flash Technologies

Jan. 17, 2019
Micron Moves Ahead With Plans to Take Over IM Flash Technologies
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Micron to Buy Out Intel’s Share in IM Flash Technologies

Oct. 21, 2018
Micron to Buy Out Intel’s Share in IM Flash Technologies