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Imec is an R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies. We believe in the combination of extremely talented people and a world-class infrastructure to enable a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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The Transistor Enters the Nanosheet Era

Jan. 12, 2024
The world is heading into the age of gate-all-around (GAA) or nanosheet transistors. While it was never going to save Moore’s Law by itself, the new device is opening the door...
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Silicon Photonics Will Shine in the Age of AI

Aug. 1, 2023
Demand for networking bandwidth in the data center is no longer sustainable. Enter optical I/O.
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Low-Power PLL Targets Short-Range Automotive/Industrial Radar Apps

March 7, 2023
A digitally calibrated, charge-pump phase-locked loop presented by imec at the recent ISSCC can generate high-quality FMCW signals for millimeter-wave radars with low power consumption...
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120-Gbaud SiGe BiCMOS Electronics for Next-Gen Optical Interconnects

May 5, 2021
Scientists from imec’s IDLab demonstrated a 120-Gbaud transmitter IC that implements a SiGe BiCMOS multiplexer, equalizer, and driver. The architecture significantly increases...

From Displays to Health Patches: The Broad Capabilities of TFTs

Dec. 9, 2020
Indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (IGZO) thin-film transistors provide the backing for a wide range of displays. This article dives into the technology and recent advances to overcome...
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Imec Doubles the Energy Density of its Solid-State Batteries

June 21, 2019
The combination of 400-Wh/liter energy density and a charging speed of 0.5C (two hours) is claimed to be a record.

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Solid-State Battery Tech for Electric Cars: Key to Greater Autonomy

May 8, 2020
With solid-state batteries, electric vehicles should be able to achieve an autonomy (driving range) matching—and eventually surpassing—that of cars with an internal combustion...

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Imec Demonstrates 140-GHz CMOS Radar-on-Chip with Integrated Antennas

June 27, 2018
The Belgian research institute expects a prototype in standard 28-nm technology to be ready by the end of 2018.
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Imec And Coventor Partner On IC And MEMS Design

March 8, 2011
Coventor, a supplier of design technology for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and the nanoelectronics research center Imec have announced a strategic partnership to improve...

IMEC And Panasonic Broaden Research Pact

Dec. 18, 2008
Osaka, Japan and Leuven, Belgium: Panasonic Corp. and nanoelectronics research centre IMEC signed a research contract to work together on advanced technologies in the semiconductor...