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  • Why Low Iq is the Smart Thing to Do
  • Why Low Iq is the Smart Thing to Do

    Low quiescent current (Iq) means lower operational power and longer battery life. Designing low-Iq solutions requires good technique, tools, and technologies.
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    Why Do You Need Low Iq with Power-Line Communications?

    Aug. 31, 2023
    Low quiescent-current operation is important even when connected to the power line. One implementation solution involves an RS-485 simulation reference design.

    The Journey to Low Iq in Bandgap References

    Aug. 24, 2023
    This article looks at different methods applied to achieve ultra-low Iq in bandgap references, which are temperature-independent voltage references.
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    How Linear Regulators, Voltage Supervisors, and LDOs Deliver Low Iq

    Aug. 15, 2023
    Low quiescent current is crucial to many battery-operated applications, including the vast array in the IoT, and these three devices can help make it happen.
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    There’s No “Magic” in Low-Quiescent-Current Designs

    June 13, 2023
    Designing electronic products and systems with low power/low quiescent current is a “labor of love” for dedicated electronic circuit designers.
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    Optimizing Reset Quiescent Current in Charge Sensitive Amplifiers

    May 23, 2023
    Often utilized in detection systems, charge sensitive amplifiers offer high gain, low noise, and stability.

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    LDO Features Consistent Iq Across Load-Current Range

    April 17, 2023
    Exhibiting a wide input-voltage range, this 150-mA LDO offers truly low-dropout voltage along with low, consistent quiescent current.
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    Quiescent Imaging for Deep-Sea Studies

    March 14, 2023
    Quiescent, fixed-focus imaging will capture still images with no user input or control, other than having to set up the camera to record video motion or images.
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    Creative Spins on Low-Iq Applications and Designs (Part 2)

    Feb. 9, 2023
    Part 2 of this series brings to light eight more unique and quite useful low quiescent-current apps and designs that many of us may have never even seen.
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    Creative Spins on Low-Iq Applications and Designs (Part 1)

    Feb. 3, 2023
    There are myriad low-quiescent-current applications in electronics. This article series will bring to light some quite useful apps and designs that many may have never seen.
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    Quiescent-Current Sheets Orbiting in Space

    Jan. 9, 2023
    This article will stretch your mind beyond its boundaries with quiescent-current sheets, from the Sun, in space.
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    Why is Quiescent Current So Important in Class D Amps?

    Dec. 1, 2022
    Previously hindered by cost, EMI/EMC issues, and poor THD+N, low-power-loss Class D amplifiers are now finding their way into today’s compact audio designs thanks to advanced ...
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    Diminish Discharge with the Quiescent-Current Control Module

    Oct. 28, 2022
    The QCCM, found in a number of modern high-performance vehicles, cuts power to other non-essential control modules to prevent an excessive discharge of the primary battery.
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    Portables, IoT Fuel Demand for Low-Iq Power Converters

    Sept. 8, 2022
    Designers of portable electronic devices, powered by batteries/power converters, need to keep the quiescent current (Iq) as low as possible to extend the battery life.
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    Class AB Op Amps: The Solution for Low-Iq Audio

    June 22, 2022
    Want a high-performance audio amplifier with great quiescent-current performance numbers? The class AB amplifier improves the efficiency and lowers the distortion versus other...
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    Why is Low Iq So Essential in Battery-Powered Applications?

    May 11, 2022
    Industry demand for lower-Iq battery-powered designs that extend battery lifetimes are quickly reaching a crescendo.
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    Test & Measurement

    Tips for Measuring Ultra-Low Bias Current with Commercial Lab Equipment

    May 5, 2022
    Equipment like jigs, shields, cables, and connectors can impact femtoampere-level current measurements. This article offers methodology on how to work around those issues.
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    Critical Condition: The Role of Low Iq in Medical Implants

    April 20, 2022
    Implantable neurostimulators are the tools used by clinicians to execute the various and diverse neuromodulation therapies with more efficient power/recharging solutions.
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    The Importance of Low Iq in Energy-Harvesting Systems

    March 11, 2022
    This article discusses one of the most important IC performance characteristics needed for energy-harvesting applications: A low standby quiescent current, typically less than...

    What is the Essence of Quiescent Current?

    Feb. 16, 2022
    The definition of quiescent is “a state or period of inactivity or dormancy.” In electronics, quiescent current is the current flowing into a system in standby mode with a light...
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    Ultra-Low-Iq Buck/Boost Converter Charges, Manages Supercaps

    Dec. 20, 2021
    Developed by Texas Instruments, this dc-dc converter is claimed to have one-third the quiescent current of competing boost converters.
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    Low-Iq Devices Mean Smaller Batteries

    Nov. 20, 2019
    To squeeze more life out of a smaller battery, use devices with low quiescent current.
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    Smart Electronic Design with Low IQ

    March 12, 2019
    Sponsored by Texas Instruments: As the Internet of Things matures, quiescent current becomes an ever-more important specification when making design decisions. Here’s what you...
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    Resolution vs Accuracy vs Sensitivity Cutting Through the Confusion

    Dec. 1, 1998
    This article is part of TechXchange: Why Low Iq is the Smart Thing to Do When selecting an analog-to-digital (A/D) board, an external data acquisition system, or other measurement...