A Cybersecurity Strategy to Secure the Real World (.PDF Download)

Jan. 25, 2019
A Cybersecurity Strategy to Secure the Real World (.PDF Download)

The development of the smartphone started a trend of connected devices that not only perform some form of computing and decision-making, but it’s also changed how we relate with the world around us. These devices are connected through networks and cloud services that provide easy access and sharing of information.

To solve for market demand, a rapidly multiplying number of connected devices are designed to transform and innovate how we seamlessly interface with the world. This trend is changing how we relate to the automobile and factory—and it’s creating cybersecurity headaches for industry integrators. In these markets, there’s a much higher demand to operate reliably, which presents unique cybersecurity challenges when extending the connected edge.

For instance, the automobile is no longer simply a tool used to get us from point A to point B. It’s becoming a platform that provides us new means to interact with the world and improve our quality of life. This is being achieved through connectivity and the sharing of data, such as how to optimize battery performance or update navigation with changing landscapes. The automobile platform is becoming a way to connect and integrate services in a fashion that mimics the development of the smartphone in an environment that demands near-absolute safety, integrity, and accessibility.


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