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An 8 GHZ PXI Dual SP8T Multiplexer Based on MEMS Switches (.PDF download)

March 9, 2021

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Modern communication systems ranging from 5G cellular to military radios are increasingly required to support a growing number of channels and frequency bands, and it is often essential to be able to accurately and efficiently test multi-band and multi-port RF components that comprise these systems. Routing of the necessary signals will present a challenge as the number of ports needed to support these multiport components are increasing, while maintaining critically important low RF losses, fast switching speeds, and test throughput.  

RF switch matrices provide automatic signal routing and conditioning between test and measurement equipment and devices under test in RF ATE systems and test benches. They can be used to efficiently connect multiple inputs to multiple outputs for test systems and route and multiplex signals between the Devices Under Test (DUTs) and test equipment and systems.


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