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Special Report: DAQ Vendors Combine Fast Sampling, Wide Input Ranges, Ease of Use (.PDF Download)

March 10, 2021

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Vendors of data-acquisition systems are addressing increasingly complex customer applications by introducing systems that offer fast acquisition rates as well as wide input ranges across multiple channels. In addition, they are offering a choice of resolution, data-analysis, and storage options. Applications extend from low-voltage IoT and IIoT sensors to SIGINT and electronic warfare. 

Specific products extend from portable data recorders and loggers to open-architecture COTS FPGA board-level products. Many companies are augmenting their DAQ systems with ease-of-use features such as touchscreens and intuitive software. 


As customer applications become increasingly complex, DAQ systems must keep up,” said Jamie Pederson, product marketing manager at B&K Precision. This means faster sampling rates to capture transients, lower voltage ranges for small sensor signals, and higher voltages for measuring higher power systems.


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