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Mike's Blog: Sights from APEC 2019 (.PDF Download)

March 17, 2021

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During March 17-21, the Anaheim Convention Center hosted the 34th annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, or better known as APEC 2019.

Considered the premier event in applied power electronics, it was my first time attending, and it provided an excellent follow-up to Evaluation Engineering's March Special Report on Power Supplies & Loads, which you can check out here. The APEC expo floor was filled with vendors' latest solutions in power supply, power conversion, switching, power electronics components, charging, and almost anything else you could think of involved in power electronics. The event's attendee/registrant numbers haven't been posted yet, but there were 265 pre-registered exhibitors, and the 2018 event had more than 4,500 total attendees. Along with myself, there were 34 pre-registered trade press members for APEC 2019.


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