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Paving the Way to the Car of the Future Podcast Episode #4: Improving EVs Through High-Voltage Innovation

Oct. 31, 2023
Episode 4 of this special 6-episode podcast series from Electronic Design and Texas Instruments focuses on cutting edge electric vehicle technology across four functional areas of high-voltage systems.

The automobile is at a convergence of all the latest technologies, as vehicles continue to evolve into a smarter, connected system. To do this, they must integrate the latest in high-voltage technology, especially when it comes to power conversion. Developing and creating reliable high-voltage power conversion, sensing, isolation and real-time control automotive systems is a challenging task, driven by both technology and societal expectations.

In this, the fourth episode of this podcast series, Alix sits down with Kannan Soundarapandian, Vice President and Business Unit Manager for Texas Instruments’ High Voltage Power Group, to talk about those challenges, and some of the latest solutions from TI that address them.

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