Paving the Way to the Car of the Future Podcast Episode #5: How MCUs Can Unlock the Full Potential of Electrification

Dec. 4, 2023
Episode 5 of this special 6-episode podcast series from Electronic Design and Texas Instruments focuses on the latest TI microcontroller solutions that are pushing EV technology forward.

Not too long ago, electric vehicles were still a rare sight in the streets, seen as a luxury. Since then, electric cars have made significant steps toward mainstream acceptance as drivers are looking for lower energy cost per mile, a fun driving experience and reducing the carbon footprint. At the heart of every EV are power electronics systems.

The performance of these systems will help define the acceleration and success of EV’s adoption in the coming years, as they directly impact cost, driving range, and charge time. The demand for more performance from these systems directly translates to demand for more microcontroller performance, in terms of both real-time control and advanced computing.

Today we’re talking with Mike Pienovi, GM and Product Line Manager for Sitara Processors at Texas Instruments, about those challenges, and some of the latest microcontroller solutions from TI that address them.

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