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Innovate with Tungsten700: A Deep Dive into High-Performance, Next-Gen Product Design

An Electronic Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Laird Connectivity and MediaTek Genio

Originally broadcast on November 14, 2023. Now available On Demand.
Sponsor: Laird Connectivity and MediaTek

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In today’s embedded designs, consumers increasingly expect smartphone-level processing and advanced features, and OEMs are trying to keep up. MediaTek's Genio family of processors stands out as a uniquely capable solution that brings their renowned mobile industry expertise to the IoT market.
This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of MediaTek's Genio700 processor and how it brings mobile excellence to today’s IoT innovations, with advanced GPU, 4K video, camera, audio, AI accelerator, MCU/MPU, and optional Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 wireless – everything you need for powerful, all-purpose embedded computing.
Join us for an insightful dive into the future of embedded systems, where the Genio700 and Tungsten700 unite to empower you with the performance, connectivity, and capabilities needed to exceed challenging demands in industrial IoT, vision systems, autonomous and automated robots and vehicles, smart signage, and much more.
In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How our Tungsten700 SMARC leverages the powerful MediaTek Genio700
  • How the Tungsten700 and Genio700 address emerging, performance-intensive use cases
  • How our powerful SMARC form factor SOMs accelerate your design and open the doors to IoT innovation without compromise


Gary Bisson
Staff Engineer
Boundary Devices, a Laird Connectivity Company

Gary Bisson is the Staff Engineer at Laird Connectivity where he oversees embedded software development for the company’s SOM and SBC solutions. He has 15 years of experience in embedded software engineering and works closely with end customers globally to implement successful IoT deployments. Prior to his role at Laird Connectivity, Bisson held positions at Essential Products, Adeneo Embedded, SAGEMCOM and Ubisoft. He earned his electronics degree from The University of Westminster, and he earned his MSC in embedded systems from ESIEE PARIS

Sunil Chhugani
Director, Sales and Business Development

Sunil Chhugani is the Director, Sales and Business Development at MediaTek. As part of Sales, he leads IoT Ecosystem Partnerships for NA and EU forging strategic alliances and partnerships that enhance and accelerate the adoption of MediaTek’s Genio IoT platforms. He is passionate about developing and implementing impactful ecosystems for semiconductor companies. He is leading IoT partnerships broadly across SoM’s, Connectivity modules, AI and IDH software partners, H/W IDH’s and Camera Sensors/Modules that in turn enable OEM customers to quickly create compelling IoT devices & solutions to address the high compute and low power needs of the Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 driven technologies while substantially reducing the time to market.



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